Argentina Copa América 2021 home shirt – Messi finally won a trophy!

The Copa América 2021 was an intense and nerve-racking tournament. Argentina finally won the tournament, which was a moment many Messi and Argentines had been waiting for. The Argentinian national squad won the Copa América for the last time in 1993. In this post, we are going to take a look at the Argentina 2021 home shirt.



The Argentina 2021 Copa América home shirt uses the classic sky blue and white colors we are used to. The classic horizontal stripes have become a characteristic we associate with Argentinian home shirts. Nevertheless, this Copa América shirt has a special design, because the blue stripes contain an eye-catching pattern with different shades of blue. The blue stripes even continue on the sleeves. If you look closely, you will see that all the Argentinian regions are represented in this print. This is a very particular way of representing a whole country with all its regions. At first, I thought the regions looked a bit like clouds, but this story confirms that every shirt has a meaning!

The shirt combines a clean, white and round collar with white sleeve cuffs. Furthermore, this shirt uses the typical Adidas design because of the three sky blue stripes on the shoulders.

Argentina 2021 Copa América home shirt
Argentina 2021 Copa América home shirt

This version of the Argentina 2021 Copa América home shirt has embroidered logos, because it’s the fan version. The black Adidas logo stands out, because it has been placed in between a light blue and white stripe. This way, there is a nice and subtle contrast between the different colors. The AFA (Argentine Football Association) logo draws attention because of its beautiful golden color. It contains the Argentinian flag too. Above the logo, we got the two stars that represent the 2 World Cup Argentina won in 1978 and 1986.

The logos
Name set

This Argentina 2021 Copa América home shirt has been customized with the official name and number of Lionel Messi. National squad shirts are famous for their smaller numbers on the front of the shirt. In the case of the Argentina 2021 Copa América home shirt, Messi’s number 10 has been applied in the center of the kit. The small number 10 has a black base with some gray lines around it that create a nice depth-effect.

If we move on to the back of the shirt, we got the other ”part” of the name set. The ”Messi” letters are black and don’t have the gray lines around them. The big number 10 even has extra gray lines in both the ”1” and ”0”, which make it look stylish in my opinion. The black and grayish design of the printing To top this nice design off, both numbers got the AFA logo at the bottom of the name set too. Since there are some name sets that don’t have this feature, this has always been a detail I really like.

Another nice detail is the small, yellow sun just below the collar. This sun is called Sol de Mayo and is part of the flag of Argentina. It’s the national symbol of the South American country.

Messi 10 name set on the 2021 home shirt
Messi 10 name set on the 2021 home shirt

Copa América 2021

Many Messi and Argentina fans couldn’t get over the fact that one of the best footballers had never won a trophy with his country. After Argentina had won their last Copa América trophy, they would go 28 years without trophy. They finished runner-up for times at the Copa América tournaments and one time at the World Cup 2014.

The Copa América 2021 tournament had to be successful for Argentina, because Messi was getting older too. The Argentinian squad finally made it happen during this tournament by beating Brazil in the final. Ángel di María scored the winner, which gave the Argentines the win over the Brazilians. 10 July 2021 was a big moment for all the Messi fans, because Lionel finally won a trophy with his national team.

The ”region” pattern on the Argentina Copa América 2021 home shirt

My opinion

I actually got this shirt along with some other shirts in a bundle a few months ago. Little did I know about how rare this shirt would actually become because of Argentina’s Copa América 2021 trophy. Especially the Messi name set makes this shirt absolutely legendary to me, because of his first trophy with the Argentinian squad. The design of the shirt is refreshing and classic at the same time. The Argentina 2021 Copa América home shirt represents all the Argentinian regions in the blue stripes with a nice pattern. I have always liked football shirts with graphic designs like these.

The design of the name set is beautiful as well. The gray lines create a cool depht-effect in the numbers, which make this shirt look artistic as well. This shirt would even look better with all the Copa América patches on it in my opinion. Furthermore, I really appreciate the way the color of the name set stands out on the sky blue and white shirt. My rating: 8.2/10.

Final thoughts

The Argentina Copa América 2021 home shirt has become incredibly popular after the Argentines won the tournament last year. Lionel Messi finally got to win a prize with his national team: a big moment in the history of the game we love. The Messi name set definitely makes this shirt more special. Besides that, the design does not miss: it unites the Argentinian regions with their national squad. Furthermore, Argentina has always been one of the most important national teams in the world of football. The fact that they hadn’t won a single tournament since 1993 was painful. They finally managed to break the deadlock in 2021.

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