Juventus 2015/2016 away shirt – A sought-after pearl!

You probably have seen this shirt at least once in your life; that might be because you like football, or you are a Drake fan! This eye-catching Juventus 2015/2016 away shirt has seen an ever-growing popularity since its release in 2015. In this blog post, we are going to take a closer look at this shirt. I will also share some tips with you about where you can still find this shirt.


This Juventus 2015/2016 away shirt is special in many ways, since this was the first time Juventus had Adidas as their kit supplier. If we take a look at this jersey, there’s one thing that immediately catches our eyes: its pink color! Pink football shirts have always been special because it’s an infamous color in the world of football. This makes pink jerseys even look more fashionable and special in my opinion.  The Juventus 2015/2016 away shirt has a fuchsia pink panel in the middle that continues onto the sleeve cuffs. The three Adidas stripes on the shoulders are black (just like the Jeep sponsor). To finish this amazing combination off, this kit boasts two white stripes in the middle and one bigger stripe (with some nice details!) at the bottom of the shirt.

Juventus 2015/2016 away shirt

Juventus stars who wore this shirt

The 2015/2016 season might feel like a long time ago, which is kind of the case. Yet, I clearly remember the way I fell in love with this pink jersey when I saw Paulo Dybala’s squad number on it: 21. Nowadays, we are used to seeing him play with the famous 10, that’s why I needed to get this shirt with Dybala’s number 21! Paul Pogba (number 10) was another player who wore this eye-catching shirt during the 15/16 season. This was his last season at Juventus before he moved to Manchester United. Other Juventus stars who wore this beauty of a shirt are Chiellini (3), Bonucci (19) and the Italian midfield maestro Claudio Marchisio (8).

The Champions League Star ball

Drake: the artist who made this shirt even more famous

The Canadian rapper Drake made this pink Juventus shirt famous when he posted a picture of him wearing it on Instagram in 2016. Both football and non-football fans were positively surprised when they saw this. This Juventus away shirt has become ‘that pink shirt that Drake wore’ and became even more popular. The funny thing is that Drake wore a fake shirt without Adidas logo! The popularity of this shirt hasn’t decreased, even after almost 6 years. This away shirt has become a modern classic many football shirt collectors are looking for. Besides that, it’s become a rare and unique pearl in the world of football shirts.

Where can I find this shirt?

Like I mentioned before, this shirt has become a rare pearl since its release in 2016. Many collectors have been looking for this pink beauty in the past years, which means that demand exceeds supply. You might ask yourself: Where can I find this unique shirt?

This collector’s item may be hard to find, but you will find one on the following sites (with a bit of patience):

–   Classic Football Shirts (CFS): All the football shirt collectors know the name of this store with dozens of different shirts, based in London and Manchester. CFS focuses on both retro/vintage and modern shirts. They sell the Juventus 2015/2016 away shirt in size L and XL.

–   Cult Kits is another football shirt store founded by three friends who share a passion for the game we all love. Besides the fact that this shop has a great variety of football shirts, it has a very interesting blog about football players (cult heroes) and specific football shirts. The pink Juventus shirt from the 15/16 season is for sale on the website of Cult Kits in size S.

–   Classic11: This football shirt store focuses on, as its name indicates, on classic and old football jerseys. The website of Classic11 gives you a very cool retro vibe! Also, you can find the famous pink Juventus shirt on this website in size S. All of their items have a very detailed description, like the specifications and the condition of the shirt. This makes it easier to understand what you are buying.

How to recognize fakes?

We are talking about a rare and sought after shirt, which means that there are many fakes in circulation. I want to share some tips with you on how you can recognize them.

First, always check the quality of the material, logos (Adidas and Juventus) and the color. Many fakes will have a slightly different pink color. This means that you always have to keep in mind what the original shirt looks like in terms of colors and alignment of logos and sponsors.

Some fake shirts are almost perfect, so it will be harder to tell whether it’s a fake at first sight. However, the product code on the small label on the inside of the shirt situated near the collar will tell you whether the shirt is original or not. If you type in ‘Adidas’ and the reference in the middle next to it on Google images and that same shirt appears, the shirt you are looking at is original.

Let’s apply this knowledge to the Juventus away shirt from the 2015/2016 season. As you can see, the reference of this original shirt is S12846. If you type in ‘Adidas S12846’ on Google images, the same pink Juventus shirt pops up.

‘Adidas S12846’

Some other things you’ll have to check before you buy this shirt are:

–   The material of the nameset. Fake (cheaper) shirts will usually have shiny plastic nameset. The original printing of this shirt is made of better quality, and you can’t damage it as easily.

–   The sizing label. The original shirt has a rubberized sizing label. Many fake ones will use cheap material (shiny plastic) instead.

–   Patches (if the shirt has them). Even if the shirt you want to buy is original, you still run the risk of buying a shirt with fake patches. Always ask for clear photos of patches and compare them with pictures of original patches (or the original patches on your own shirts if you have them!).

The Respect patch

My thoughts and opinion

Like I said earlier, this shirt is a must-have for either football shirt collectors like myself, Drake fans or Juventus tifosi. I’m a big fan of pink jerseys, so this beauty needed to be copped.  The memories I have about the 2015/2016 may add up to the fact that I’m in love with this shirt too. I can clearly remember Dybala and Pogba wearing this shirt, what a great time it was, right? Besides that, I’m sure your friends will never lose you out of their eyesight if you wear this shirt!

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