Manchester City 2014/2015 home shirt – Sergio Agüero’s Champions League adventure!

Sergio Kun Agüero is one of the most famous Manchester City legends. In this blog, we are going to take a look at the Manchester City 2014/2015 home shirt. This is a match worn shirt, which means that Agüero wore it during a Champions League match in the 2014/2015 season. Although it’s hard to find a shirt worn by Agüero himself, there are many beautiful shirts with the name of the Argentine superstar on it available.

The design

This Manchester 2014/2015 home shirt has a typical sky blue main color, like we are used to. The jersey also boasts navy blue sleeve cuffs, which look really fancy on this kit. To top it off, the collar is navy blue too, just like the Etihad sponsor and Nike logo. Something else I really like about this shirt is the old Manchester City logo. The club changed their logo in 2016, but the old logo looks classier in my opinion.

Name set

When it comes to the name set, the Manchester City 2014/2015 home shirt uses the same sky blue color, just like the collar and sleeve cuffs. The printing on this shirt is different from the Premier League name set, because the UEFA requires the names and numbers to respect certain dimensions. The Premier League teams who play Champions League matches have to use different name sets with their club logo instead of the Premier Logo in it. This name set is also way bigger than the regular Premier League printing. The name (Kun Agüero) has a different position too compared to the Premier League printing, that just uses straight alignment for the name.

The Manchester City 2014/2015 home shirt worn by Kun Agüero
Player version characteristics

Since this shirt was worn by the player himself, it’s different from the jerseys that are sold in the Manchester City fan store. The player version of this shirt has ventilation holes under the armpits on both sides of the shirt. Besides that, this shirt has a way slimmer fit than the shirts that are sold in fan store have. That’s why these type of shirts look so small on players during a match. Another very important characteristic of Nike player version shirts is the heat pressed wash label. Shirts in the fan store have a normal white wash label made of paper. This wash label is heat pressed to avoid irritation while playing a football match.

The (greyish) wash label
Champions League patches and other logos

When it comes to the other details on this shirt, we got the Champions League patches. On the left sleeve you can see the Respect patch and on the right sleeve we got the star ball. Both the Manchester City and Nike logo are embroidered. Nowadays, player version shirts have plastic heat-pressed logos, but this was not the case in 2014. In this case, the logos are the same as on the fan’s version shirts that are available to the public.

The Champions League star ball and Nike logo

Sergio Kun Agüero

Debut and Atlético Madrid

You might know Sergio Kun Agüero under the name ‘Agüero’. The Argentine striker started his football career at Independiente in 2003, where he also played in the youth teams. He made his debut in this same year, being the youngest player ever to play a Copa Libertadores match. He joined Atlético de Madrid in 2006. Agüero impressed everyone by scoring 75 goals in 174 matches, and he even won the Argentine player of the year award in 2009. When he joined Manchester City in 2011, he didn’t even know that he would become a true legend of this club.

Manchester City legend

Let’s be honest: if we have to name 3 Manchester City players of all time, almost all of us would name Agüero too. The whole world knew his name after he scored the winning goal during the match Manchester City – Queen Park Rangers in the 2011/2012 season. Thanks to his goal, Manchester City won their first Premier League title since 1968. After this season, Agüero’s impact on Manchester City made them win 4 more Premier League titles in the following 8 seasons. The Argentine striker became the club top scorer having scored 260 goals in 390 games, an amazing performance.

National team

When it comes to the national team of Argentina, he scored 41 goals in 101 games for La Albiceleste. He played the World Cup 2014 final against Germany, which he lost with Argentina. Another highlight with the national team was winning the Copa América in 2021. This was probably one of the best moments in the history of Argentine football, after 28 years without any Copa América trophy.

FC Barcelona and end of career

Kun Agüero joined FC Barcelona at the end of the 2020/2021 season and player with number 19. He only played 4 games and scored 1 goal. His first (and last) goal was an important one: he scored a goal during the El Clásico against Real Madrid. 7 days after this game, he was taken to the hospital, because he was diagnosed with heart problems. The Argentine striker announced his retirement on 15 December 2021, which meant that an era had come to an end.

The beautiful number 16

Final thoughts and my opinion

Personally, I have always liked Manchester City home shirts because of their sky blue color. The sky blue color makes their shirts look fresh and vivid. When it comes to the Manchester City 2014/2015 home shirt, the navy blue details are the finishing touch. The Champions League name set (Kun Agüero 16) looks a lot better than the Premier League printing, because it’s got the Manchester City logo in it, instead of the generic Premier League logo.

The fact that Agüero wore this shirt during a Champions League game in the 2014/2015 season makes it even more special. Now that the Argentine superstar has retired, I definitely plan to keep this shirt in my collection. The number 16 makes this shirt more special than an Agüero shirt with the more mainstream number 10. Agüero was always one of the best strikers when I got into watching football about 8 years ago. He will always be linked to Manchester City and to his Premier League title winning goal versus Queen Park Rangers.

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