PSG x Jordan 2020/2021 fourth shirt – Neymar JR in pink and purple!

The PSG x Jordan 2020/2021 fourth shirt has been one of the most flamboyant jerseys Les Parisiens have released up to now. Their collaboration with the famous basketball brand Jordan has been a huge success. Many football shirt fans have been buying these kits and it’s likely that this collaboration will continue next season. Read more about the PSG x Jordan 2020/2021 fourth shirt in this post.



As I mentioned before, this shirt is probably the most flamboyant PSG jersey ever. The pink and purple color of this kit really stands out. The two main colors create a unique effect, because this shirt uses a so-called graffiti-effect. This means that both pink and purple are the main colors on this shirt, with small transitions in between the two colors. These transitions create small spray-effects, which remind me of graffiti. The sleeve cuffs and collar, which has a triangular shape, are both black. The Accor Live Limitless sponsor is black too. Black seems to be the right color for the details on this shirt. The details under the armpits are black too. The black details are probably compensate the vivid pink and purple colors all over the shirt.

PSG x Jordan 2020/2021 fourth shirt
PSG x Jordan 2020/2021 fourth shirt
Name set

If we take a look at the name set on the back, we can see that there is something special about it. The name set used for the PSG x Jordan 2020/2021 fourth shirt has the same style as the name sets used on the other PSG shirts that season. Nevertheless, this fourth name set is all black and has a subtle glittery pattern on it. The black color of this font matches the color of the details on this shirt. The glamorous touch gives this shirt a more elegant look. Also, the name set feels way smoother than the name sets used on the 2020/2021 home, away and third kit. This kit was only used for Ligue 1 games, and therefore the name set is in Ligue 1 style. The Champions League edition of this font does not exist.

This PSG x Jordan 2020/2021 fourth shirt has the official name and number of Neymar JR on it. The number 10 has the Ligue 1 logo in both the ”1” and ”0”. Under the number 10, we can find the Ooredoo sponsor, which has been on PSG shirts. Ooredoo is a Qatar-based telecom company. They signed a sponsor deal with PSG back in 2013.

PSG x Jordan 2020/2021 name set
PSG x Jordan 2020/2021 name set

Since this pink and purple kit has a Ligue 1 name set on it, it also has the Ligue 1 patch on it. We can find this patch on the right sleeve of the shirt, and it contains a big Ligue 1 logo. It also says ”Uber Eats”, which is the main sponsor of the French Ligue 1. The patch on this PSG shirt is different from the patches other Ligue 1 teams got on their shirts, because PSG won the league in the 2019/2020 season. This patch is a so-called ”champions patch”. The left sleeve contains a QNB sleeve sponsor in black. QNB is a commercial bank in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

The Ligue 1 patch
The Ligue 1 patch

Nike Vaporknit

Nike Vaporknit shirts in general

I got this PSG x Jordan 2020/2021 fourth shirt in the Vaporknit version. This means that this shirt uses the same material as the shirts worn by the Paris-Saint-Germain players. Nike Vaporknit shirts usually cost about 50 euros more than regular Nike Dri-Fit shirts. The Nike Dri-Fit shirts are the fans version, and are made of cheaper material. Most people buy the Dri-Fit shirts, because they want to play football in their kits. However, if you are a football shirt collector, you might want to go for the Vaporknit version. The material is smoother and the logos are heat-pressed onto the shirt instead of embroidered. I made a video about the differences between Nike Dri-Fit and Nike Vaporknit shirts for those of you who want to know more about it.

The Nike Vaporknit logo in gray
The gray Nike Vaporknit logo
Nike Vaporknit characteristics

This PSG x Jordan jersey has a few important Vaporknit characteristics, I will highlight for you. The most obvious one is the material. As the name indicates, the material is woven (knit) which makes the shirt feel smoother. This comes in handy because it doesn’t irritate your skin while wearing it. That’s why players wear this kind of shirts during their matches. The PSG and Jumpman logo are heat-pressed onto the kit. The Vaporknit version doesn’t have embroidered logos because the inside may cause skin irritation. Also, this version of Nike shirts is lighter than regular fan’s version shirts. This has to do with the structure of the material, as I mentioned before. Besides the obvious differences between Nike Dri-Fit and Vaporknit shirts, the tags are different too. Dri-Fit usually got tags on both sleeves nowadays, meanwhile Vaporknit shirts normally have their tags attached to the left sleeve.

The black details under the armpits
The black details under the armpits

Final thoughts and my opinion

If I tell you that I really like this shirt, you probably aren’t surprised. I wrote posts about pink football shirts before. It’s always been one of my weaknesses. In this case, the kit combines pink with purple in a spray-effect. This makes the jersey even more special. The Vaporknit characteristics that are present on the shirt are a finishing touch. The material feels very smooth, the name set is made of special material too and the collar makes the shirt easy to put on and off, because it’s stretchy. The special Ligue 1 patch definitely stands out on this shirt because of its white color. The combination of vivid colors like pink and purple is awesome with the black details all over the kit. My rating: 8.5/10.

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