PSG x Jordan 2021/2022 fourth shirt

Paris-Saint-Germain, also known as PSG, are famous for their collaboration with Jordan. The club from Paris has been releasing PSG x Jordan shirts since the 2018/2019 season. From that season, they have been releasing 4 shirts every season, including 2 Jordan shirts (third and fourth shirts). The PSG x Jordan 2021/2022 fourth shirt was released on 10 February 2022. Read more about the shirt here.

The design

The PSG x Jordan 2021/2022 fourth shirt has an all white base. The Jordan/Jumpman logo is navy blue, just like the Accor Live Limitless sponsor on the front of the jersey. The QNB sponsor on the left sleeve is navy blue too. The shirt has clean red/white/navy blue sleeve cuffs. The collar uses the exact same design used for the sleeve cuffs. This shirt is basically the white version of the PSG x Jordan 2021/2022 home shirt, which has a navy blue base and white details instead.

The printing on the back uses the same Ligue 1 template as on the other PSG shirts. The name set is navy blue and has red lines next to it. In the number, we can find the Ligue 1 logo, which is the case for all the teams playing in the French Ligue 1. The Ooredoo sponsor under the name and number is navy blue too, just like the other details on the shirt.

The template of this shirt is exactly the same as used for the PSG 2021/2022 home shirt, which has a navy blue base and white details. The name set of the home shirt is white, and uses the same sleeve cuffs and collar. The home shirt has 2 reflecting stripes on it that go through the Jumpman logo and PSG team crest. This is the case for the white fourth shirt too.

Kylian Mbappé, Neymar and Lionel Messi wore this shirt for the first time during the match versus Stade Rennes on February 12. Their shirt obviously has the Ligue 1 patch on the right sleeve.

The PSG x Jordan 2021/2022 fourth shirt

The PSG x Jordan collaboration

Paris-Saint-Germain and Jordan have been collaborating since the 2018/2019 season. This unique collaboration managed to fuse 2 different worlds: football and basketball. This collection has given us vibes of sporty and fashionable items at the same time. From the 2018/2019 season, they have been releasing 2 PSG x Jordan shirts every year:

2018/2019: 2 third shirts (black and white) that were used for Champions League games.
2019/2020: 1 away shirt (orange) and 1 fourth shirt (black with the French flag) that were used for both Ligue 1 and Champions League matches.
2020/2021: 1 third shirt (bordeaux/gold; used for Ligue 1/Champions League matches) and 1 fourth shirt (purple/pink; used for Ligue 1 matches).
2021/2022: 1 home shirt (navy blue, the first PSG x Jordan home shirt ever) and 1 fourth shirt.

Allegedly, this may be the last PSG x Jordan shirt because PSG and Jordan made a 3-year deal in 2018. This deal was extended for another season last year. However, it is likely that PSG and Jordan will continue their operation. This means that we can expect more PSG x Jordan shirts in the following seasons.

The Ligue 1 name set

My thoughts and opinion

Owning almost all the PSG x Jordan football shirts myself, I don’t think the 21/22 fourth kit is special. It’s basically the white version of the 21/22 home shirt that was released last year. The 21/22 fourth jersey could have been more special if they used a different design and template for it. This shirt is definitely not ugly, but it looks kind of plain and ‘normal’ if you ask me.

The previous PSG x Jordan shirts were definitely more special than this fourth shirt. I expected this collaboration to bring more heat when it comes to their shirts. A good example is the 2020/2021 third shirt, which is pink and purple and uses a special name set. Considering everything I just said, I give the PSG x Jordan 2021/2022 fourth shirt a 6.8/10. It looks classy and boring at the same time. I’d rather wear it casually than add it to my football shirt collection.

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