Real Madrid 2015/2016 away shirt – Ronaldo’s pijama?!

The Real Madrid 2015/2016 away shirt combines an all gray design with neon green/yellow stripes on the shoulders. Adidas really thought outside the box when they designed this shirt. But hey, that’s exactly what I like as a football shirt collector! Read more about this shirt here.

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This Real Madrid away shirt is unique because of its color combination. Gray isn’t a very common color for a football shirt, especially combined with neon green stripes on the shoulders. The Real Madrid team crest is monochrome, which looks good on this shirt. The Adidas logo and Fly Emirates sponsor are white, quite neutral if we compare them to the general design of the jersey.

Real Madrid 2015/2016 away shirt
Real Madrid 2015/2016 away shirt

Getting back to the neon green stripes: there’s something about them I personally really like. I still remember that people’s opinions on the Real Madrid 2015/2016 away shirt were divided back in 2015. As a shirt collector, I belonged to the group of people that loved this shirt. This Adidas template really makes the three stripes come into their own.

The LFP patch on this shirt is embroidered, because it’s the fans version. This patch is actually a default patch; all the fans version shirts sold in the stores back in the 2015/2016 came with this patch sewn into the shirt. This is why it’s very hard to find these types of shirts with Champions League patches. Nevertheless, this Real Madrid 2015/2016 away shirt looks good enough with LFP patch, right?

LFP patch
LFP patch

When it comes to the name set on the back of the Real Madrid 2015/2016 away shirt, its design reminds me of the Real Madrid home shirt for that season. Opposed to the name set on the home shirt, the name set on the away shirt is white and has some black details. The white color of the Ronaldo name set matches with the all grey design of the shirt. In addition to that, the depth effects in the number 7 give the name set some extra spice. To top it off, the Real Madrid team crest is being featured in the lower part of the name set.

Long sleeves

It goes without saying that Real Madrid long sleeve shirts with Ronaldo on the back are the pinnacle of this hobby. This Real Madrid 2015/2016 away shirt is no exception. The beautiful neon green stripes start on the shoulders and continue all the way to the lower part of the sleeves. That’s exactly what makes this jersey so astonishing. You’d almost believe the stripes in the shoulder glow up in the dark.

In addition to that, the short sleeved version of this shirt is still available on the online football shirt market. You probably won’t have a hard time finding one without name. There may still be some shirts available with Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale or Modric name sets. Nevertheless, it’s way more complicated to find the long sleeve version. I’m not sure if Adidas produced way more short sleeve shirts, but it definitely feels that way.

Ronaldo name set
Ronaldo name set

The long sleeve version will be worth more than the short sleeve version of this shirt. Cristiano Ronaldo used to wear long sleeve shirts in most of the times. Considering he’s one of the biggest players both the world of football and Real Madrid have had, long sleeves will be linked to him. And let’s admit it: older Adidas templates made long sleeve shirts look even better.

Final thoughts

The Real Madrid 2015/2016 away shirt is a beauty that reminds us of a successful season for Los Blancos. The all grey design with monochrome team crest, white details and neon green details is extravagant. This is definitely not a typical shirt you see in every wardrobe. I feel like you either like it or you strongly dislike it. Regardless of our opinions, this grey away shirt has already become an infamous, modern retro shirt. The long sleeves add to its value and rarity, and make it look more complete.

I expect Real Madrid shirts with Ronaldo on the back to be quite rare in the future. He was the best player along with Messi for about 15 years. Cristiano was undoubdetly in his prime when he player for Real Madrid. Considering his stats at this club, any shirt from Los Blancos with Ronaldo on the back increases in value as the time passes. My rating for this shirt: 8,7/10.

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