FC Barcelona 2021/2022 shirts: Which one to buy?

FC Barcelona are one of the European teams that have been selling many football shirts the last years. The club from Catalonia released 3 new shirts for the 2021/2022 season: a home, away and third edition. This may make your choice of which shirt you should buy as a football shirt or Barça fan even harder. Especially if you like the design of all the 3 jerseys. In this blog, we are going to take into consideration all the Blaugrana shirts from this season.

FC Barcelona 2021/2022 home shirt

The FC Barcelona 2021/2022 home shirt is not just an ordinary Barça kit like we are used to. This shirt boasts a design that’s inspired by the team crest. The graphics of the FC Barcelona crest are applied to the whole front of this kit. This explains all the different sizes of stripes. Blaugrana shirts from previous seasons didn’t have these details, but boasted the usual blue/red stripes.

Besides the different pattern on this home jersey, the colors used on this shirt are different too. Both colors are lighter than the colors used on previous Barça shirts, which gives this kit a modern look. The Rakuten sponsor is white, as well as the Unicef sponsor on the back, and the player namesets.

Many FC Barcelona and football shirt fanatics don’t like the design of this shirt. They think that Nike should have done a better job when it comes to the crest design, which I kind of understand. On the other hand, I like the colors used on this 2021/2022 home shirt, because it makes the kit look fresh in my opinion. Even though many fans prefer ‘traditional’ colors on home shirts, I think Nike did an okay job on this shirt. My rating: 6,5/10.

FC Barcelona 2021/2022 home shirt
FC Barcelona 2021/2022 home shirt

FC Barcelona 2021/2022 away shirt

Away shirts are famous for their non-traditional colors, and the FC Barcelona 2021/2022 away jersey is no exception. This Barça shirt combines a unique design of iridescent logos and a light purplish base. The stripes under the armpits are blue and red, which is a reference to the typical Blaugrana colors of Barcelona. The Rakuten and Unicef sponsors on this shirt are navy blue.

This shirt promotes women’s empowerment and gender equality. FC Barcelona are known for their passion for women’s football. Also, the FC Barcelona 2021/2022 away jersey commemorates the 50th anniversary of the first match of the women’s team of Barcelona in 1970. This game was considered a milestone for women’s football worldwide in general. The women that played their first match more than 50 years ago, are now seen as the pioneers of women’s football.

I have got to say that I’m a big fan of this shirt. I love pink and purple shirts in general, and the shiny logo’s on this kit make it look even more special. Furthermore, I bought this shirt a few months ago, and I definitely don’t regret it! My rating: 8,5/10.

FC Barcelona 2021/2022 away shirt
FC Barcelona 2021/2022 away shirt

FC Barcelona 2021/2022 third shirt

The FC Barcelona 2021/2022 third shirt is mainly used for UEFA Champions League matches. The design of this shirt boasts different parts of the city of Barcelona. Third shirts are usually known for their non-traditional club colors, but this Barça shirt is an exception. The jersey uses the well-known FC Barcelona colors red and blue in a stripe design. The sleeve cuffs and collar are navy blue, and the sponsors are yellow.

The design of this third kit is special, because it displays some landmarks of the city. The kit illustrates some highlights of Barcelona, like the three chimneys of the neighbourhood Poble Sec and the La Masia, which is located next to the Camp Nou stadium. This Blaugrana shirt is also a reference to the 30th anniversary of the Olympic Games that took place in Barcelona in 1992. This shirt also contains some architectural elements, because architecture is an important part of the city in Catalonia.

As a football shirt fanatic, I love shirts with many details, and this jersey is a perfect example. They did a great job by featuring some places in Barcelona in the design of the shirt. I would definitely buy this shirt. My rating: 8/10.

FC Barcelona 2021/2020 third shirt
FC Barcelona 2021/2020 third shirt

Which shirt should you buy?

Although I have a preference for one shirt, all three jerseys are worth buying if you ask me. My preference is as follows: away – third – home. Nike could have done a better job on the home shirt in my opinion, especially when it comes to the crest design.

I’m sure some people only collect home shirts from a specific club. If this is the case for FC Barcelona, you should obviously go for the 2021/2022 home shirt. Even though the crest design is not much of a success if you ask me, the colors used on the kit are refreshing. It may be nice to own a home shirt that’s different from its predecessors. This way, you can see how the FC Barcelona home shirts evolve during the years.

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